Common Questions Regarding 3M™ Window Film

January 24, 2020 By:

Could I install 3M™ Window Film myself myself?

Unfortunately, 3M Window Film needs professional application from trained 3M Dealers. With this professional installation, consumers can enjoy the reassurance of the 3M warranty.

How do you clean 3M Window Films?

After about thirty days, you can clean your 3M Window Film by using simple household cleaners. Windex, ammonia based solutions, and a soft lint-free towel are the easiest ways to clean 3M Window Film. Abrasive products that can scratch the film should be avoided.

How long will the Window Film Last?

3M Window Films are strong and durable, making sure it’ll last for years. It’s longevity depends heavily on the type of film applied, window orientation, the kind of glass, and weather conditions. Most installations last long after the warranty expires.