The politeness of all staff I came into contact with throughout the process caught me off guard. Not something often encountered these days.

Nancy G.

our service was a pleasure – start to finish.

Sarah J., Commercial Account

Very satisfied with installation, availability of an appointment on short notice and professional manner of personnel who performed the install.

-Anssi P., Homeowner, Alexandria

I purchased a glorious new condo with three exposures. The sunlight attracted me and my wife to the place. At the same time, though, the sunlight was a concern because of potential damage to our art and furnishings. Our windows are quite large and so we were also concerned about heat loss and heat gain. I investigated with contractors about replacing the glazing with e-glass but found the cost quite prohibitive. One contractor suggested using window film and sent me samples from 3-M. I did not like them because they were too dark. He said he installed the film on his windows, but I did not have faith in him. So I went on line to conduct research and also called 3-M directly and was put in touch with ATD Solar and Security, the authorized installer. [I learned that if I had used the contractor he would have had to employ ATD to do the work, and I would have had to pay middle man charges to the contractor.]

ATD gave me a great of useful information and showed me some relatively new products that cut sunlight very little while still blocking UV rays and preventing heat gain. After my initial conversation with ATD, I knew that I had the right people.

I am quite pleased with ATD Solar’s services and products. The expert who came to my condo to discuss the 3-M line of window films was very knowledgeable. The installation was speedy and expertly done. Having lived with the product for several months, I can attest to its effectiveness. I have only kudos for this company and the product they sell.

E. Worthy, Homeowner

ATD Solar installed 3M Prestige 70 window films on about 125 sq. ft. of windows in the front facing side of our house. We’ve researched many film brands and found that these high-tech window films (3M Prestige, Vista Everlogic) are non-metallic so they do not corrode over time. They also let in good amount of light (in our case the Prestige 70 lets in about 70% of visible light). The films will also reject solar heat (Prestige 70 rejects about 50% of solar heat). These films are installed on the inside of windows and not on the outside so the installers will be working inside the house. We’ve learned that we can get a lifetime material and labor warranty from 3M if the work is installed by 3M Prestige-licensed installers. We contacted 3M Corp and they refer us to ATD Solar in the Bethesda MD area.

ATD Solar gave us an estimate for a range of 3M film types, but we picked the top of the line Prestige 70 from our research. We want to caution everyone that many window film brands and grades look alike but vary greatly in material costs (labor is the same). So you have to get the brand and grades clearly written on the invoice, demand a factory sample (so you can compare to what is installed), and also get or see proof of the film brand and grade markings at the time of the installation.

ATD Solar did an overall impressive work for our house. ATD was on time, had proper identification, showed us proof of the 3M film brand and grade, brought in all of their needed tools and materials, walked and moved around our house very carefully, and worked with very good precision and skills. Each window is sprayed, cleaned, and prepared for the film. Film is cut to exact dimension of each window and applied with tools to remove air bubbles. ATD crew was very fast and completed the work non-stop ahead of time estimates. My wife also liked the fact that they clean-up the excess film scraps and mopped up the window spray drippings on the floor and window sills. ATD neatly removed their tools and materials and left our house without any mess or damage.

It has been about 2 weeks since ATD installed the 3M prestige 70 film on our windows. We do not see any flaws in worksmanship. Our house is noticably cooler during mid-morning full sun. We are extremely happy with the window film purchase and installation. We highly recommend ATD Solar for window film installation.

Ping Li, Homeowner