3M™ Window Tint

About ATD Solar Film & Graphics

Are you seeking to protect inhabitants or belongings from the threat of burglary or unwanted entry? Are you striving for comfort against glare, a clearer view, protection against UV rays, or increased energy savings? Would you like to add a branded or decorative appeal to your office, or to provide privacy for those within?

ATD Solar Film & Graphics can give you the tools and the service you need to achieve a greater standard of comfort, safety, and security. Our estimates and consultations are free and we’re only a phone call or an email away!

ATD Solar Film & Graphics is woman and minority owned and operated, and is a Select 3M Window Tint Film Dealer serving the Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Frederick and surrounding counties. There are thousands of window film dealers in the country, but only a select few have been chosen to be part of 3M™’s Prestige Dealer Network. ATD Solar Film & Graphics was selected because of extensive product knowledge, quality of work, and the ability to serve customers to the highest standards.

You Can Rely on ATD Solar Film & Graphics for:


3M™ dominates as the industry leader and innovator of Window Film technology. Customers can trust our 3M™ trained installers to be knowledgeable, professional, and respectful of their property.


Since 1980, ATD has been respected in Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Frederick and surrounding counties for quality products and service. We are one of the few select authorized 3M™ Prestige dealers in the area.


We offer free estimates, our work is guaranteed by a strong reputation and a warranty program that makes window film installation an easy and worry-free choice.