Our Products – The 3M™ Difference

Home Window Film Applications

ATD Solar Film & Graphics is proud to offer residential 3M Solar Film filters, a product that removes 99.9% of destructive UV rays found in solar light. The result? The elimination of skin damage and skin cancer risk, furniture fading, and other interior deterioration. Additionally, these films reduce up to 78% of solar heat that enters the windows by reflecting it away from your home. The improved temperature control means that you can spend less on your air conditioning while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. Furthermore, our films reduce annoying glare on personal devices, computers, and TVs during the morning or evening by up to 93%. Every 3M window film is backed by an extensive warranty that gives you peace of mind about the performance and longevity of your window film installation.

Commercial Window Film Applications

3M window films are a great solution for your commercial property. Solar film is the best product to help your building run more efficiently, reduce high energy costs, keep employees more comfortable and focused, and earn a green reputation.

3M Superior and Innovative Window Films

3M is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality solar tint and window film, and the first company to patent this cutting-edge solar technology. As the industry leader, 3M offers more than 30 years of dependable and extraordinary performance in harsh climates and conditions. An investment in 3M Window Film means you will be protected by the guarantee and reputation of a Fortune 50 company known for its innovation and technology.

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ATD Solar Film & Graphics is a Select 3M Prestige Dealer

Among the thousands of window film dealers in the country, only a chosen few are part of 3M’s Prestige Dealer Network. We are proud to provide window tint services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Frederick and surrounding counties; a collaborative process that includes a selection of different designs and tint shades.

ATD Solar Film & Graphics was chosen as a 3M Window Film dealer for 3 reasons:

  • Expertise and extensive knowledge of the product
  • Skilled technicians
  • Services ranging from houses to commercial properties to automotive windows

With innovative products and specialists dedicated to transforming your windows. We worked hard to become one of the top window tinting companies in Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Frederick and surrounding counties, you won’t find this level of dedication, expertise, and products with one purpose- to transform your windows.

Trust 3M and ATD to take your windows from ordinary to extraordinary with window film installation.