The Best Combination For Any Room: Window Film + Curtains

October 1, 2019 By:

How to deal with furnishings that can fade, hot spots, troublesome glare and harmful UV rays.

In a room that is surrounded on all sides by windows, the energy efficiency of 3M™ window film can be paired with one of a kind window treatments to offer the ultimate level of protection and personal comfort.

No matter if you prefer shades, vertical blinds or curtains, or you are looking for a different solution, window film options from 3M are manufactured to minimize the effects of the sun, helping to make rooms in your home more comfortable. Match window films with your window treatments to improve interior comfort, energy efficiency and the overall look of the room. Films can also allow you to keep a view clear while still protecting furniture from UV rays, reducing the potential fading and helping to add to the longevity of furnishings.

If you are not a fan of window treatments, you can still use window films to keep your view clear while minimizing worries like faded flooring or increased energy costs.