3M™ Window Film Information

September 17, 2019 By:

I am worried 3M will cause my window to break.

The application of a 3M window film solution will increase the surface temperature of a window pane when it is hit with sunlight which will add to the stress placed on the edges of the glass. The glass quality and the following factors will all contribute to the possibility of the window breaking:

  • External shade
  • Interior shade
  • History of the window glass
  • Type of window film applied
  • Window size and shape
  • Outdoor temperatures
  • Interior temperatures

Our extensive experience applying window film to a variety of type of window glass enables our specialists to make recommendations that will limit the potential for window breakage. In addition, we will support all window film recommendations with a warranty from 3M. Should the window glass break within the warranty period after window film application, 3M will replace the glass, and we will then apply the replacement window film.

Please explain if the 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film lines are bullet proof, hurricane proof or intruder proof.

No, the Safety and Security Window Film products from 3M are not hurricane-proof, natural disaster-proof, bullet-proof, explosion-proof or intruder-proof. Instead, they are meant to make the window more resistant to shattering.

In the event of a storm with high winds, these window films can reduce the potential risk of injury from broken glass and possibly limit the penetration of a residence or commercial building by debris and water through a shattered window. The potential role the window film will play will depend on:

  • Storm severity and
  • Type of window glass
  • Window framing system
  • Debris velocity and size

In a natural disaster, like an earthquake, Safety and Security Window Films can reduce the potential risk of injury from shards of glass, and potentially limit the amount of glass that can fall into a home or building. The effectiveness of the window film in a natural disaster will depend on:

  • Even severity
  • Type of glass to which the film is applied
  • Framing system used for the window
  • Velocity and size of any debris

I heard that UV protection in window film decreases over time.

The UV protection in the 3M window film adhesive system does not last forever, but it is designed to provide and maintain high UV protection through the lifetime of the window film.