To the right is a video clip that was featured on Fox 26 News Hurricane Briefing. It is a live demonstration of 3M Safety & Security films’ ability to withstand hurricane damage. Protect your home and office from flying glass and debris.

Safety and Security Window Film

Protect property, people, and possessions even on a budget. 3M Safety and Security Window Film, 7 and 8 mil polyester film offers basic protection that helps hold your glass in place during smash and grab burglaries, destructive weather conditions, bomb blasts, or seismic events. These 3M Safety and Security Films offer a clear, single-layer polyester film coated with a special thicker adhesive designed to help hold broken glass together for improved safety. The leading cause of injuries in an emergency is caused by shattered glass, lower the risk of bodily harm for occupants of your home or office.

Protection During Severe Weather and Hurricanes

During a natural disaster like hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, and earthquakes, 3M Safety and Security Window Films withstand even the most severe force of nature. These films help hold the glass together to maintain the integrity of your Northern Virginia home or business. This also helps to keep flying glass from harming those inside and, in many circumstances, keeps out wind and rain.

Guard Against Burglary

3M Safety and Security Window Films helps to deter street crime from your place of business. Windows are the most vulnerable points of entry in a business. Because the window film helps hold the glass in place, criminals don’t have the quick access they need to successfully smash and grab merchandise. Often, the window film slows them down to such a degree that they may choose to move on to an easier target.

Extensively Tested for Your Safety & Security

3M Safety and Security Films are one of the most extensively tested window films out there.

Windstorms, bomb blasts, flying objects-we have tested all conditions to make sure our films not only meet, but exceeds industry standards for impact and tear resistance.

Anti Graffiti and Surface Protection

For protecting glass surfaces from all forms of graffiti such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges in retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. Also provides a protective barrier in elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops.


  • 4 mil single layer clear 3M Window Film offers good basic protection.
  • 6 mil multi-layer clear 3M Window Film offers increased protection for higher risk areas.
  • Offers an invisible sacrificial layer to protect glass from acid etchings, scratches and tagging.
  • Can also protect other glass surfaces from wear and tear.

The retail business knows the importance of a good first impression. The 3M Company offers window films for commercial buildings to help combat the costly damage to windows and reputation caused by graffiti. The etching, scratching, painting, and marking of glass are expensive and rapidly growing problem.

When applied to surfaces that vandals often target, such as interior and exterior windows, mirrors, and other glass, the anti-graffiti film (available in 4 mil clear, single layer and 6 mil clear, multi-layer for higher risk areas) provides protection by taking the brunt of graffiti damage. This money saving, protective option is only a fraction of the cost of new glass. Paints, permanent markings, and other stains can be easily removed from the protective surface without the use of harsh chemicals. That is because film damaged by graffiti can be easily removed and replaced with new film.

This optically clear, distortion-free, anti-graffiti film can be applied to windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. The film also provides a protective barrier in elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops. In addition to withstanding damage from glass-etching solutions used by vandals, these films also offer other benefits by blocking heat, glare, and up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays. The blocking of the harmful UV rays helps extend the life of display merchandising and interior furnishings which is a cost-saving advantage. The bottom line is that anti-graffiti film provides protection by taking the brunt of graffiti damage

Impact Protection Adhesive Systems

The toughness of 3M Ultra Safety and Security films meets an adhesive or profile attachment system to give you a window protection system with unprecedented power and durability. You can choose the 3M Impact Protection adhesive or 3M Impact Protection Profile, the perfect solutions to meet your frame needs and aesthetic goals. The result? A robust shield that dramatically outperforms window film-only system with a combination system that attaches the film to the window frame. It’s the extra protection that you and your family need against impact from severe weather, earthquakes, and smash and grab- enough strength to protect from shattered glass even during bomb blasts.


  • Bonds the filmed glass to the frame with an adhesive or profile option.
  • Attachment system offers the highest level of protection—strong enough to protect occupants against bomb blasts.
  • Creates a robust glass protection system that significantly outperforms window film-only installations.

3M Daylight Redirecting Films are a cost-effective way to provide natural lighting as deep as 40 feet from the window inside a building while reducing glare, heat, and fading.

  1. Micro-replicated film redirects light toward the ceiling, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day
  2. Reduces uncomfortable occupant glare, hot spots, and excess light near window
  3. Provides benefit of natural light to interior occupants which boosts mood and sense of well-beingCan be used with different glass types to achieve different decorative looks
  4. Redirects up to 80% of natural light up to the ceiling which boosts productivity and purchasing behavior
  5. Can be combined with 3M™ Solar Film to reduce heat to maximize energy savings
  6. Blocks 99% of UV light, reducing fading of furnishings, interior fixtures
  7. LEED credits available for use of daylight